Posted on: February 29, 2012 1:17 am

A Need to Grow for Green in Indiana

By "Green" I mean Spartan Green and most specifically Draymond Green of the MSU Basketball team.

The Indiana Hoosiers pounded the #5 team in the nation 70-55.   Twenty nine of the MSU's 55 were scored by Draymond Green.  No other Spartan scored in double figures.

It would be fair to say that three other starters - point guard, Keith Appling, center Adreian Payne and forward Brandon Dawson - definitely need to step up their offensive outputs on the road.  The world of competitive athletics is rarely all that fair, however, and reality places the responsibility for good team play on the shoulders of Draymond Green.

Green has clearly achieved complete command of his own game.  He has proven repeatedly the ability to score at need - a level of difficulty beyond scoring at will.  Still, the Spartans need more than the dependable scoring of Derrick Nix and Austin Thorton to supplement the heroics of Draymond Green.

Payne the Spartans' starting center, and small forward Brandon Dawson must get involved in the offense early, before they can fall into permanent passivity and offensive slumber.  Early and often Green must force himself to depend on the scoring of others, making sure that Payne and Dawson understand that the ball will find them whether they intend to score with it or not.

As for Keith Appling who suffers at point guard from the substitution of general athleticism for any apparent go-to moves or dependable outside shot, the best that can be done for him is to create more offense around him.

That's a lot to ask from a player who already does everything for his team, and, in truth, more the responsibility of Coach Tom Izzo than his star player.  Draymond Green, on the other hand, has proven an avid and successful student of all phases of his game. 

Making sure he has the necessary help from his teammates is just another area in which Green can grow.
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